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New Year, New Periodicity, New Compromise

Date Published: 1/8/2005 Version: 1.00
OfficeHelp.Biz January 2005 News

Welcome to OfficeHelp.Biz first 2005 Newsletter. Starting this January, there will be some changes on OfficeHelp.Biz. Read about them and find out what’s in store for January.

The Newsletter periodicity

Starting from January 2005, the Officehelp.Biz newsletter will be monthly, sent during the first week of each month. 

Our Compromise on Content

There will be at least two new contents for each month, and one of them will be FREE. Access to the free content will, however, be limited to the newsletter subscribers.

Subscribing to the OfficeHelp.Biz newsletter is free and the only requested information from you is an email address. There are no privacy risks, as we know nothing about you. But, even if we did, we wouldn’t share it with anyone else, as our Privacy Policy clearly states.

To access the FREE PC Tips, once registered, all you need to do is to enter your email into the first access to a free content. Your login will be remembered on subsequent pages during the same session.

The content forecasted to be published during the following month will be disclosed, as well as the additions made during the past month (since you got your last newsletter).

Access to Paid Contents

A new, subscription model, is being prepared, allowing the purchase of a low-price subscription granting access to ALL OfficeHelp.Biz paid content at once. Access to Paid content as a single-product purchase will remain.

New Content Disclosure

The content forecasted to be published during the following month will be disclosed, as well as the additions made during the past month (since you got your last newsletter).

New Contents added in December 2004

  • New Content Category: Design Templates – Design templates are documents that can be re-used maintaining the original formatting. They allow individuals and corporations to systematically and consistently create good-looking documents without having to create them from scratch. Added one Word template.
  • FREE PC TIP: Where and How to find "Safe" Free Software? - The Internet is full of free software, but it’s not always easy to find what we want. Also, there is an increasing trend for the replacement of “Free” software with AdWare, advertisement supported software riddled with SPYWARE that will spy on your browsing habits and display annoying adds.

New Contents to be published during January 2005

The following contents will be added in January in time for the February Newsletter:

  • MACRO: Internet Explorer Privacy Manager, in Excel – Every time you use your browser, it will register information about the pages you visited. This can be annoying and even misused. You can manually clear most of this information, but it is a time consuming process. There are commercial software around to clean it, but they are expensive and cannot be used on corporate PCs, where software installation is usually locked to end-users. Want to easily and fast clean all the records IE makes about your browsing? This macro is an excel file and will run on any computer with Excel just by pressing one button. Clean your navigation trail.
  • PC TIP: How to save the workspace (all open files) at once in excel – It is quite common to have several related Excel files opened at the same time. If you stop working, you will have to remember them and open the again later, right? NO, it is possible to save a snapshot of your work and open them again, in seconds, even after shutdown. Start saving time now, save your workspace for later!
  • PC TIP: How to create PDF files from office documents – PDF is the most common and popular format for sharing final version of documents, specially to the public. Its reader is free and it has become the standard for Internet document publishing. Unfortunately, you can’t create the using the tools you’re used to: Office application. Or can you? And for free? Yes, you can. Find out how in this FREE tip.

DEMOS will be available of all our macros, during January. Working versions, limited on the scale of the output they will generate, will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Test-drive our products.

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